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Please add all relevant qualification information below. Without details of your qualifications, you may miss out on relevant work opportunities. Add additional qualications by clicking the "Add Qualification" button. Each group of qualifications selected should include an uploaded file or image as proof of the relevant qualification. DO NOT group qualifications that have different certification or you will not have the option to upload all required files.

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I hereby understand that work will be offered on a contractual basis and in no way is any offer of work an offer of employment.

I understand that I am free to work elsewhere providing that my doing so will not interfere with contracts already agreed with DSM Productions Limited

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I declare that whilst working on any contract with DSM Productions Limited I may be privilege to sensitive information and shall not disclose any such information to anybody outside of DSM Productions Limited. 

I shall not disclose company details to any other company which may cause a conflict of interest or hold DSM Productions Limited in dis-repute. 

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